Latch Installation

This guide covers the installation of the Colonial Latch (part #: CL-01)
and the Victorian Latch (part#: VL-02).

The installation of the Colonial Latch is shown in this guide.
The Victorian Latch is installed using the same procedure as the Colonial Latch.

Step 1: Remove plastic connecting the 2 pieces of the latch together.
Place 1/2 of the Colonial latch on center of shutter in line with outside shutter edge (opposite window edge). Drill 3/16" holes where they appear on the latch. Repeat the above installation procedure for the other half of the latch.

Step 2: Hold latch in place aligned with drilled holes. Insert plastic "push fasteners" at each hole on the latch. Firmly push in plastic "push fastener". To avoid shutter damage, do not use excessive force.
Congratulations: You have successfully installed the latch kit on your shutter. This is what the latch should look like when installed.
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